When a family asked me to design a shoot for them around an Alice in Wonderland theme, my mind was immediately whirring away! Here’s a breakdown of the Queen of Hearts costume I designed for the mom of the family.
First up, was the sketch.
I tackled the headpiece next, using poster board, cardboard, artificial roses (red, of course!), and a headband.
Queen of Hearts headpiece construction

Queen of Hearts headpiece
Then, it was the collar. I did a lot of research about Elizabethan whisks and decided to model the queen’s collar after them. I used 3 partial decks of playing cards in varying sizes, 16-gauge wire, needle and thread and glue.
Queen of Hearts whisk construction

Queen of Hearts whisk
I used a red tulle skirt that I had made earlier with a white corset, stitched up a ruched shrug the day of, and made pleated cuffs and a pleated neck piece. Below is the completed look. I will post images from the shoot soon!
Queen of Hearts costume

Queen of Hearts costume

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