Autumn Comes

Autumn comes
With fervent breezes
That smell of burnt marshmallows
And taste like spiced sugar and cream.

She first visits at night.
After the sun sleeps
And before it rises.
When the world is quiet and honest and clear.

Then she stays the morning.
Her fingers stretched across the lawn,
The lace of her breath painted on windows
While ours hangs in the air as clouds.

She brings with her ghost stories
And pumpkins and coffee.
Old books and new love.
Bonfires and hayrides and cheer.

There are chilled rosy cheeks
And the warmest embraces.
Sun-colored trees with cinnamon leaves
And birdsong and laughter and kin.

Before we know it
She’s embraced us completely.
And before we’re ready
She must away once again.

With flurry and grace and
Magic spells that lengthen the night,
She makes way for her coldest sister
And leaves us in the kind care of yule.


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