Genius? Bahahaha! I Don’t Know About That

I’ve been working hard for several weeks, just trying to get up my nerve. I started this new project and, while it’s not the project itself that has me second-guessing myself, it’s the name of it.

If you’ve read through my blog, you know I like to make things. All the things. All. The. Things. I’m interested in fine arts like drawing and painting, writing, photography, music–specifically composition and vocals, cooking, crafting, gardening, yarn art, and on and on and on. I have this curious mind that just won’t stop until I’ve tried my hand at making all the things.

Well last year, I decided I needed to focus this blog on my writing (it’s my greatest dream to be a writer full time) and move all the other projects to a new place. I wanted to do it this way because there is so much here that is personal, so many thoughts and memories that I’ve typed into this particular space while batting away tears or laughing out loud. They’re all home here. I can’t imagine writing all of that into a new space. Somehow (yup, I’m probably just crazy), I just don’t think it’d be the same.

Okay, so decision made. I wanted to move my more project-y things to a new place. But what should I call it? So hard to come up with names, domain names, names, names, names. Grrrr. Then I started asking my friends. And I let them name it. And oh dang. Haha! I hope you’ll come see me over at Diary of a Creative Genius! (← click right there to visit)

Oh Lord, that was hard to type.

I’ll have new posts for you there a couple times a week (fingers crossed) and once I feel the new site is properly set and has momentum of its own, I plan on writing here at least once a week.

Gotta go. Gotta try to live up to that name.


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