My Other Sites

Diary of a Creative Genius is a place for me to make all the things and tell you how you can, too. You’ll find projects and tutorials for all kinds of things like cooking, crafting, illustrating, and more.

Silver Shadow Studios is the photography studio I co-own with my best friend Edith. We started the studio about seven years ago and specialize in creating fashion-inspired portraits of high school seniors and women of any age. I run things from the Austin and KC areas, Edith runs things in Houston. To visit this site, click the photo below.


LeeDee Sweets is another venture my bestie and I have undertaken. Both of us love to cook, to the point that we used to joke in photography school that if the photo thing didn’t work out, we could always open a restaurant. Well, we haven’t taken it that far but we do create and prepare gourmet meringue cookies for events, festivals, and farmer’s markets. If you’d like to take a look, click the photo below. Warning: you might get hungry.