Shadows, an Excerpt

An excerpt from my current WIP and a song it inspired:

“We neared the edge of the forest and Father frowned toward the house, which drooped and sagged from the tug of the earth. My brothers had left it unattended and unpolished, all of its secrets exposed to the sun though they were designed for nothing but shadow. He glanced at Albert, who trudged along in tall grasses, his view of the house obscured.

Father slowed his gait and started to sing:


Shadows hide
Below the floor.
Hide just like
You’ve done before.

Screaming scheming
Shadows dear.
Hidden now
But ever near.

He repeated the verses until Albert learned the words and joined in. Ribbons of song, the edges sharp and black, cut through the air and touched the roof of the house. When the music landed, it melted and ran, burnishing charred slate shingles to gleaming copper as it dripped down.”

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