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You are so afraid to lose what you’ve swept into the corners
That you’re loathe to share the expanse of your yard.
We’re told to give him your coat when he takes your shirt.
Every time, not just when he can prove
He was born in the right place, or only when his papers are in order.
Only if she believes as you do, or if she lives as you think she ought.
Not only when you’ve been compensated enough.

You preach sanctity of life
Yet would murder those who have made mistakes.
That’s not justice, it’s revenge.
Worse still, you would kill
Those whose prayers differ from yours.
Tell me, is every human life precious?
Or only when it suits you?

You say you love, yet
You refuse to share a bathroom sink
With your brother or sister.
It is a privilege to meet another human soul,
To have the chance to love them,
To show them how much you have been loved.
For they are loved as much.

Your house
My house
Our house
Should be the first refuge of those who are lost,
Those who need compassion and understanding.
Yet it is feared, distrusted, and detested.
And I can’t blame a single judgement.

You sell lattes where once the tables were turned.
You spend your time whining and fussing and fighting
To build walls,
To build arsenals,
To crush those who offend you.
When people are dying
Just to be loved.

Spiritual warfare
Is not fought
With bullets and blades,
Invasions and laws that oppress.
It’s fought with prayer,
And fasting,
And serving.

Fear consumes you.
It blinds you,
Leads you,
Manipulates you.
And you allow it.
You welcome it.
You endorse it.

Be slow to anger.
Idle words will be judged.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
The meek,
And the merciful.
Have you forgotten these?
Or is the death grip on what you’ve collected simply more important?

People are dying
Because they feel alone and afraid,
Because they are hungry and thirsty and oppressed.
Is it wise to prioritize your own comfort
When the weight of lost lives is so heavy?
True faith is doing what is right
And trusting that you will be taken care of.

Pray for discernment, my loves,
For this, you are sorely lacking.

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  • Reply Krista

    Kindra this is very moving. You will always be the face and ideal I picture, in that Christians should strive to live by Jesus’s example. love, Krista

    August 6, 2016 at 5:12 pm
    • Reply kindradoo

      Thank you so much, sweet friend. I couldn’t ask for a greater compliment. <3

      August 6, 2016 at 5:26 pm

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