Vintage Tinsel Christmas

This year, it was all about vintage. Colored lights, tinsel, and the billion and a half old glass ball-shaped ornaments I’ve been collecting for years. I even had the perfect topper: a Santa star wreath from the 60s that my grandma gave me years ago from her own stash.

Here’s the breakdown: lights were first of course, colored this year instead of my usual white lights. Then newer colored ball ornaments in pink, red, turquoise, green, silver, and gold went on. Vintage ball ornaments went closer to the edges. I love their patina, their cracks, and faded colors! At the very edges and in the choicest spots are the little vintage santas, bells, and mistletoe ornaments. Then, tinsel, baby, and lots of it. Can you say sparkle?

tree collage

I think what I love best about the tree this year is how cheery and warm it is.

Here’s a quick reminder of the trees of my Christmas past:

Christmas is just the best.

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