Welcome December

You’re one of my favorite months. You’d be my favorite but you’re gone too fast. That’s why November beats you, because I still have you to look forward to when it’s only November.

I love the cold. Cheeks red from it. Cuddles to get warm. Coffee and cider to fight the chill. Kitties warming my lap, fuzzy socks, blankets made by people I love.

I love how people want to be nice. They want to give, to remember those who don’t have enough and make sure they do. We call and visit our family and friends. We even send them real-life, actual post-office-delivered mail!

We bake and cook and bake. And eat. And share. And eat some more. Calories don’t count quite as much.

People get creative. They use spices they never use at other times of the year. They choose paper and ribbons to wrap presents with. They think about what the people they love would love to receive. They make things.

December, you’re magic. I know I say a lot of things are but I super mean it this time.

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