Christmas Past

I hate saying goodbye to Christmas. It seems that it gets harder every year. Isn’t it supposed to be easier when you grow up? I guess this girl didn’t get the memo. Before bidding farewell to Christmas 2013, I thought I’d revisit some memories from Christmas past. Many are the memories that remain the most colorful, the shiniest, the most vivid, even after all these years.

Growing up out in the boonies, Dad always chopped down our Christmas trees himself, pretty little cedars that smelled so, so good. Decorating was a family affair, from the time us kids were able to throw something at the scratchy branches.
Haha, check out this retro Santa from my brother’s first Christmas!
Then, of course, there were the presents! I totally remember these striped footy pajamas and brother tells me he remembers getting this toy combine. He wonders what happened to it- I told him he probably buried it in the yard, as he was wont to do with his toys. Boys are so weird…
Christmas toys
Christmas always was and always will be special simply because in my life there is no other day more worthy of celebration.

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    I love this!!! The pics are priceless!!! Thanks for sharing this memories of you and your brother!

    January 1, 2014 at 11:23 pm
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