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    So Very Thankful

    So much to be thankful for. So very much.

    You guys. For supporting an artist. For saying, yes, art does have value! For supporting me.

    I have such beautiful people in my life. My family. My friends. Seriously amazing friends.

    I have basic necessities that so often get taken for granted. And I have so much more.

    I’m a creator. Not everyone gets to be one. Not everyone wants to, haha! But I’m so glad I do on both counts.

    Thank you, Lord. For blessing me. For your faithfulness. For loving me, even when I don’t love myself. For renewing my dreams and nourishing my soul. For being everything you promised you would be.



    Today I Choose

    Today I choose to think about wishes and hope. About compassion and understanding. Faith and believing in a beautiful tomorrow. I choose to think about ways to serve, ways to care, ways to love. Empathy and grace. And never having to wish for more wishes.


    Churning Gold

    It is sooooo fall. With all this pumpkin bread, banana muffin splendor, and the promise of all things Thanksgiving, it has me thinking about…wait for it…butter. Homemade butter, to be exact.

    And there really couldn’t be anything easier. No, really. Like one ingredient easy (two if you’re feeling salty). Think how impressive you’ll be when you show up to the dinner table with a little crock of your own homemade butter. Nobody needs to know the real story. Read more


    Autumn Comes

    Autumn comes
    With fervent breezes
    That smell of burnt marshmallows
    And taste like spiced sugar and cream.

    She first visits at night.
    After the sun sleeps
    And before it rises.
    When the world is quiet and honest and clear.

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